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 BlueMountainTracker from Dixie,Wa.-here

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Somethiing Hairy


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PostSubject: BlueMountainTracker from Dixie,Wa.-here   Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:48 am

Hello. I am David Nesteby. I am a believer in UFO's/Bigfoot and believe the two may be connected. I write a personal research update titled Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update which can be found at Groundreport.com.
I have not shared/communicated with my local newspapers simply because I am a loner and prefer to share within the real world. Skeptics of Paul Freeman DO NOT LIKE ME.
I am a sworn by God patron to all that I convey..and yes I saw Bigfoot a few times (flying once), I have been listening to screams that I believe to be Bigfoot for a few years (none this year).
(1)-I am compiling a map of sightings near Walla Walla, in the Blue Mountains-
(2)-I have two photos of prints that I collected aprx. 1/4 mile apart in Dixie, Wa.
(3)-I heard this thing scream. For two years I was listening
(4)_ I have witnesses that will back some of my claims (not all happening were witness, such as some UFO's, some screams)
(5) After being kicked off of a prominant BF forum online on my first day..simply because some veteran members attacked me viciously...accusing me of lying simply because of these few reasons (from Walla2,-Knew Paul,Knew Vance Orchard-and I write)-I became dedicated to the independent review and research of this subject.
I sense censorship in the way some reports are gathered, how some things are discussed in forums-and who can be considered reliable. It is my believe that NO ONE should ever be dismissed when reporting these Bigfoot creatures.
I am dedicated to the finding and proof of such evidence that can undeniable prove the BF existence.
I love to write poetry, I am Jewish in my beliefs about God, and I am very Vocal in voicing my opinion. I want only to be taken very seriusly in this forum without religion being a factor. I do think that the BF are visitors, but I only believe this because of my experiences and because of the research I do in this genre of the Bigfoot field.Once you see a Bigfoot , YOU WILL BELIEVE.

I am at a few other forums discussing this topic under the same User name(BlueMountainTracker)

I am also dedicated in educating the public about the precedure that should be taken when sighting a BF.
Those who wish not to speak about it are encouraged to at least document times and describe what they saw on paper.
I am in my third year of this research, and may someday make this my final goal in life...TO FIND<DOCUMENT AND PROVE that the BF EXIST!
Peace to all of my New friends.
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Bigfoot Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: BlueMountainTracker from Dixie,Wa.-here   Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:19 pm

HI David, Welcome to the forum.

you say "I want only to be taken very seriusly in this forum without religion being a factor".

This is a friendly forum without any prejudices. I am glad to have you here. I appreciate all Your comments so far.

You believe that Bigfoot/UFOs may be connected. I may not agree with this but i respect your opinion. Having said that i remember reading about a case many years ago. A farmer had shot at a Bigfoot and it ran in to the woods nearby. Directly above the woods he noticed a bright light hovering. The Creature had ran towards the light.

The farmer had subsequent BF encounters and each time strange lights in the sky were reported.

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Somethiing Hairy


Posts : 101
Join date : 2008-11-07
Age : 52
Location : Dixie, Washington (Walla Walla foothills)

PostSubject: The Alien Thing   Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:23 am

Thanks Bigfoot Hunter. I am Glad you allow my views on the Bigfoot. I am currently doing all types of research, and really find it interesting that there are so many generes of perception as to what this creature may be.
One thing for sure, no matter what area we stand ground on in our convictions of what this thing may or may not be, the search for undeniable proof is a great turn on.
Other areas that I am interested in are the psycological areas of manisfestations.
Since days of the UFO's in Ezekiel to The woods men of the New World, sightings have been made and recorded that can only fascinate and demand our attention.
Only since I was visited a few times by UFO's and having been witness to two sightings, and many other possiblt BF experiences, I am most definate that I can only post theory as to what he/she may be. I have had it suggsted it is all in my head. I say...NO WAY!
I tend to remember there was a Wookie named Chewbacca that made history as a Bigfoot in Sci-Fi.I can only imagine that a BF can man a space ship/saucer/UFO/Bright light/orb or the Millinium Falcon for that matter.

Many fields of the Bigfoot area of research report vanishing tracks which mysterously appear and disappear, morfing BF, Shapeshifters, and the such. With such corporations as DARPA lurking around the secret sector of what is and whats not, we can only imagine that BF could be anything.There are many sightings near air bases and airports for both fiels: UFO's Bigfoot. A connection of the two is possible.
Areas of time travel and dimensional gateways always seemed to be far fetched to me, but after doing research on so many things, all I can say is that i do believe this legend exists in real life. Whether he is from another planet/dimension/realm, is something that is yet to be proven.
Eventually, the right evidence will come along that will satisfy the truth and become documented fact in the history books. I am fortunate that such a mystery has chosen me to be a whitness to the possible avenues of what is real,not real.
MAny people follow a psychic destination and personal realation ship to such creatures, and for all we know . these things could even be the oldest known species someday. What ever the truth is, I love being part of the field where most people only would consider to go on second or third thought. Most people think we all are crazy.

Your site here has a beautiful layout, and I am only proud to be the 13th member (I believe). If it is so...I will be here a long time. 13 is my lucky #
Praise to you for opening a new avenue for those of us who thrive on the news of this creature.
It would be cool to see what comes of this in the near future, Congrats and thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it a lot! pirat
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PostSubject: Re: BlueMountainTracker from Dixie,Wa.-here   

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BlueMountainTracker from Dixie,Wa.-here
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