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 Hypnosis in Bigfoot Reaearch: Why don't we see it?

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PostSubject: Hypnosis in Bigfoot Reaearch: Why don't we see it?   Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:23 am

A couple of days ago I joined a forum on hypnosis. I posted a topic in the help me section asking if anyone has done BF research in the hypno area. I did get a pretty descent reply.
On my second post, which was a response to why some people could not be hypnotised, I replied thinking I could dig deeper into the subject of Bigfoot and why it is not big news of hypnotists revealing lost or missing info from Bigfoot research. I was quickly accused of highjacking the thread .Beside being told not to further post in the topic, it was suggested by the Forum master(owner) that my topic had died and I should let it be. My posts was two days old that he referenced and did not die.

The reason I felt compelled on behalf of all Bigfoot researchers to delve into the thread I was terminated from was to get to the bottom of why some people can not be hypnotised. I had seen in various posts that the paranoid and delusional, the psycotic and Retarded can not be hypnotised. I simply was trying to draw out from the hypnotists at the forum, why people like us arent hypnotised on a regular basis and why has no hypnotist been credited with finding answers on this subject.

Cutting the story short, I sent the forum owner a letter asking that I be removed from the forum. I felt that his particular replies were harmful to my character since I was using BlueMountainTracker as my username.
I at that time, after being rudely interupted, sort of told him his further posts would be considered junk mail.
He could simply have just removed me , but no. He then says by quiting the forum, or by saying I would consider his mail spam,junk etc, that I was showing my true colors. Wow, I thought, this guy is pissed.
I responded to the fact that he showed me his colors as well, but I
said it like this: Pussy ass colors
He then replied saying he was not attacking me and sorry for me feeling this way. He finished with, so he will post my statements( from my emails) on the forum as I was being terminated. What a jerk I thought.
I was sort of appalled that he would threaten to post my comments(censored of course and seperated from his) in the forum. I felt it was serious threat on my charcter and layed into him.
By the end of the conversation I was told I was banned (what i asked of to start with) but was told I was Paranoid and dilusional. The attack on my character escalated.

Point is, I found within the community other posts, and one in particular that suggests that those who see APEMEN-Aliens-etc are people who are paranoid and dilusional. The exact words this guy used on me in our email conversation that lasted two days.I was suspicious of this point of view all along.Here the guy says exactly what I suspected was the reason I could not find any Bigfoot researchers being hypnotised.
Also, many hypnotists feel that a belief in God is also unhealthy.

I think I know now, why this area of Bigfoot research has not really been done. It is easier for me to conclude that most of these hypnotists with this opinion have a hidden agenda. I wonder if in reality, that hypnotists are harmful to our rearch and thus the explanation has come full circle.

We are considered to be paranoid and dilussional.

I also took note that APEMEN are considered demigods or possesive spirits. I seem to think that Hypnotists themselves are the Paranoid and dilusional species. JUST MY FINAL OPINION.

I will no longer seek help in this area of research, unless of course, there is actually hope in this genre of our field and it has been documented that someone was successful in this type of situation(being hypnotised to re live a sighting). Geesh...I feel like I got hacked by the school principal. What an experience.
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Hypnosis in Bigfoot Reaearch: Why don't we see it?
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