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Bigfoot Hunter

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PostSubject: Yeti   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:01 am

Last night i caught a SCi FI channel screening of a film called 'Yeti'. Basically, a plane carrying a plethora of annoying teens crashes in the himalayas and one by one they soon become frozen ready meals for a crazed rampant yeti.

The survivors are only marooned for a few days when they start discussing which of the dead pasengers will make the best appetizers. 'Dont touch him' yells one of the female survivors as she points to a dead body. 'He's my brother'. Believe me, this is one of the more intellectual scenes in the film.

The Yeti himself resembled some hideous Demonic creature that had been dipped in a vat of self raising flour. He is quite menacing.
Overall the film is a mildly entertaining diversion. Just dont forget to leave your brain at the door.

Is it just me or is anyone getting a tad tired of the fact that whenever a Bigfoot/Yeti film is made, the creature is some sort of crazed monster, killing everyone in sight. For once cant Hollywood at least make a realistic Bigfoot/Yeti film.
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PostSubject: Re: Yeti   Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:02 pm

i caught this one too ( also last night on Sci-Fi ).
I think it is just me, but i thought this one was great!!
I try to watch most of the new Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti flicks that come out, and was pleased to see this was probably the cheesiest yet!!
Dont get me wrong, I would love to see a film made that deals with the nicer side of our hairy friends but sometimes nasty is better than nice. If only Harry And The Hendersons was aimed less at the younger viewer it would be exactly what I would want to see.
They way this one ( Yeti ) was portrayed as a blood thirsty killing machine, with very very odd hands, not only made me giggle but also made some sense to me.
What else up there in the mountains has the strength to push a busted aircraft fusilage off the edge of a cliff?
I am not sure how many bears are living in the Himalayas, but other than a very scary Yak there i dont think there is much else.
Some other examples of a Bigfoot shown as a monster are:

The Unknown ( 2005 ) a.k.a Clawed
Abominable ( 2006 )
Sasquatch Mountain ( 2006 ) a.k.a The Devil on the Mountain
Snow Beast ( 1977 )
......to name a few.

I think that because filmakers dont "understand" Bigfoot they have to show them as monsters rather than the gentle things they are.
Seriously, how many real Bigfoot attacks have you ever seen or read about?

By the way, I think the best scene in the whole film was the rugby tackle near the end!!
Ha ha who would of thought to charge a Yeti? I wouldn't!!
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Bigfoot Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Yeti   Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:28 am

I cant disagree with a single word you said. And yes, the rugby tackle at the end was pure genius Laughing

Not many actors can claim they rugby tackled a demonic blood crazed Yeti lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Yeti   

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