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 Crazy Dreams

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Somethiing Hairy


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PostSubject: Crazy Dreams   Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:08 pm

Recently I have had some really cool dreams.Actually, the first one scared the %#@$ out of me and left me shaking.
I was looking up through some thick brush here in Dixie, just west of town(near where I found 1 of the BF foot prints I have posted online). I saw a Bigfoot standing there, but the sun was behind him and all I could see was a shadow. I remember calling to my friend and my daughter that "I see him".
The next thing I know, bigfoot jumps through the brush and down the hill, (30 feet or so)in 2 steps. He is now within 10 feet of me and I have this feeling of my heart trying to escape my body.I wake up at this point after recognizing that he looked like an Amish man.

The next dream I want to tell about is this one that I had 2 days ago while taking a nap.
I was shaving in the mirror when all of a sudden I felt like I was being electrocuted (heart attack).I could hear every one(my family) in the living room, they were being boisterous.
I tried to yell for help but could not, so I tried to punch the wall. I could barely tap the wall. I realized I could move my arms in a backwards motion,so I began to throw things from the sink at the walls to get attention. The next thing I know, I am in my car driving toward my home. My winshield has a computer screen around the edges and my young daughter is prompting me(she is in a picture at bottom of windshield) to pull into a docking station. As I look through the windshield, I see glowing 'H's in parking spots scattered around. The were neon baby blue. I remeber pulling onto one and instantly being inside my house arguing with my son. I asked why he was wearing my Pitsburgh Steelers Ben Rothlessburger shirt(I do not own one), and he said that mom gave it to him when I died. I was then in my car and my daughter asked me to do a time scan. I then woke up as I was promted to do a retna boot.

Crazy huh?
Anyway, I think dreams are awesome and often they are psychic sort of. I have some psychic abilities that I think come from an accident I was in when I was seven. I dream every night, but only the bizzare and the scary ones I can remember. What are your crazy dreams and what do you think of these?
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy Dreams   Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:41 pm

wow, these dreams are pretty heavy lol! I'm sure you can find out exactly what the dreams mean. Sleep

Afraid i have the more mundane dreams. The kind where i am falling and wake up just before i hit the ground affraid
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Crazy Dreams
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