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 Top Ten UFO Sites: Just released today

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PostSubject: Top Ten UFO Sites: Just released today   Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:56 pm

I just saw this and thought this this one is a good one for us Bigfoot hunters. I swear they hear me thinking. I want to note that Yakima is a good one-just over a hundred miles westish from here.

Yakima is near the areas where you travel toward Seattle and see the signs for miles and miles that say"No stopping or standing"

It is a belief of mine that all truth links every mystery together.
I was thinking that this now can be used to compare with Bigfoot data as well as other mysterious sightings ...and to see if there are some solid links. This is what I will do as my new project.

Top Ten as found on the web. Follow this link
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Top Ten UFO Sites: Just released today
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