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 Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update Archive

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Somethiing Hairy

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PostSubject: Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update Archive   Fri May 01, 2009 5:57 pm

Peoblems with a moderator forced me to pull my articles so i will archive all of my updates here:

Blue Mountain Foothills:
A New Bigfoot Reality Looms In The Future: Defending Research Against Mind Control And Censorship!
by BlueMountainTracker November 16, 2008

I am often mildly amused at the over-confidence that researchers have in the field of Bigfoot. I find it to be a sad situation that so many sightings go unreported due to censorship and basic discrimination found at prominent BF sites. An administrator that has his own personal convictions manages often sites that report and document sightings and experiences related to this creature. Often he is the sole detrimental link to the community as a whole when such reports come in. Sad but true it is at his sole discretion to discredit a sighting due to his own opinion and applied understanding of a mysterious creature that has yet to be captured and studied by the scientific community. In my opinion, this is mind control at its best.
Most sites will not allow the person reporting a sighting to report an event without joining the site. At that point, often a mission statement prevails all rational thinking and conforms the user to a doctrinated understanding of this creature. That is like letting Christians have sole authority on the God picture and allowing no other religions to have opinion. Site such as these will find them selves lagging in the future of this field.
Two prominent sites that yield excellent information in this field of research sadly discredit any Bigfoot sightings where a paranormal occurrence was involved or the co experience of UFO’s.
In the conspiracy world this is simply referred to as mind control.
An example of such forum censorship can be noted in the second rule of one such forum that I speak of, called the Mid-America Bigfoot research Center. In my opinion it is not research if it is opinionated and censors open ideas. A simple case of mind-control best discussed here, in an independent view of the matter.
The 2nd rule of this censoring forum (MABRC) is noted here:
"2. No wild imagination posts allowed. (i.e. no UFOs, or paranormal mumbo-jumbo, we believe Bigfoot are flesh and blood animals)" If you think that there is a paranormal link to Bigfoot, you are refereed to as a Spam bot at registration.
I would like to see the proof of the creature that this forum is so doctrinated on. Who’s right is it to do such a thing as censor research in such a field as this where no absolute proof of the creatures existence is established indefinitely? How can one think for the group (or the whole world for that matter) as a whole without discrimination to possible other ideas and areas of forensics, proof and understanding? Who can tell me what I saw, but me? Who can determine what is mumbo-jumbo if they are blind to other opinions and express dull limited opinions themselves?
The other thing that concerns me is the hypocritical thinking behind the skulls of such moderators that post remarks like this one (same site) within the responses to their members. Often they follow up with a greeting and a message such as this one found at the end of my own welcome at the same mentioned forum
"Where researchers think outside the box!!!"
Who on Gods green earth are they trying to fool? What do they have to hide other than the limited grasp on the subject and lack of open-mindedness that they display?
Other moderators simply contradict them selves in that they have no pity/Have pity for others/themselves. Some are so ridiculous that such comments as these can be found within the responses that they post to conversations in the forums. BFRO should be ashamed of this policy and the particular mindset of this particular moderator:
"For future reference, we do not subscribe to the paranormal way of thinking and suggest topics like that be discussed on other forums."
This same person also posted this within a reply to a different subscriber:
"It's amazing how many more stories/articles there are now that don't make fun of the research or a persons experience."
My reply to this is: HOW DOES IT FEEL?
I would like to ask this particular ‘Mind’ boss how he could actually be taken serious at all if he is such a controller of this type of research and how it is communicated to the world? Is there a dedication to the truth here at all? I am most likely not going to believe a thing this man says because he is so limited on his approach to his own ridicule. The site is a joke when such censorship prevails. He makes fun of his own opinion in his hypocrite like responses.
Unlike the real open-minded forums out there on the net, It is safe to assume that some people just want their opinions to override that of others. There is no free speech in this field more often than not! That is about to change as each researcher goes independent in their quest to theorize and examine this mystery.
The truth is yet to be discovered.
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Somethiing Hairy

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Location : Dixie, Washington (Walla Walla foothills)

PostSubject: Bigfoot: Man Beast or Alien   Fri May 01, 2009 6:00 pm

Bigfoot: Man, Beast or Alien? We May Never Know.
by BlueMountainTrackerNovember 25, 2008

Ape-man or extra-terrestrial? Research across the globe is sketchy at best when it comes to what this creature known by many names may be. Many great researchers have come to conclusions and/or reached milestones that give an insight to the possible answer to this ages old question: What is Sasquatch- man, beast, or alien?
Though many believe that this creature is flesh and blood of the primate family, the truth remains the same. No one has proof positive of any single theory that answers the question. Many believe other wise, that this thing is not a creature of the primate family, but rather a flesh and blood creature of the alien nature. Even so, some believe he is neither primate nor flesh and blood .The possibility of an alien also strikes out with some. All that most of us can do is theorize about what he may be, even if we have seen one.
No one has ever captured a Bigfoot/Sasquatch for definite scientific study. There have been claims of a youth captured in the 1800’s, only to escape, and then there has been film that captures the eye of the researcher such as the Patterson film. No matter how we look at these claims from any perspective, nothing can be proven positively beyond a doubt without the carcass or living being in front of our eyes for extended and exhaustive research. Without seeing this creature, we simply can only guess whether or not it’s real and at best give theory a try.
Hair samples that go unidentified or unclassified also elude the burden of proof. Though some footprints retrieved appear to be real, there are too many that are just plain hoaxed. The blatant act of hoaxing does more to create a rift in the scientific field, especially when those who claim to have seen one, get caught or admit to hoaxing tracks or even a Bigfoot body for that matter. It seems pretty harsh to consider the Patterson film as proof of a specimen as well, when it is a film and not a three dimensional in your face proof of this being a primate, etc. No one can say whether it is a man in a costume, primate or alien for that matter. This creature was not captured. No DNA was taken. He eluded a blood test.
I will say that most people, who happen to research this creature, do so from there own perspective. Whether your from an Indian tribe that calls them Stick People,Demons and/or Gods, or you are from a college with all of the degrees and doctorates in a special field every documented suggestion or piece of the puzzle leads to one final conclusion that is yet to be had amongst the many witnesses and researchers in the field of Bigfoot. At this point in time that final conclusion can not be made. I will tell you why.
The Bigfoot / Sasquatch /Yeti / Skunk Ape, etc, etc has been seen for thousands of years. I have never heard of or seen a Bigfoot skeleton. I have never seen this beast in captivity. I have never seen proof of him/her but with my own eyes, and I am sure that I saw something that resembles the Patterson beast and also the flying Humanoid from the Rense.com photos of the New Mexico Flying Humanoid. Still it is not proof, nor have I been able to prove it was a Bigfoot or an Alien. Two distinct creatures that from behind, look exactly alike, can only lead me to guess at what this thing may be. Like I have always said. We do not know for fact (unless of course some agency does know and hides it) what exactly these mysterious beings are. I tend to think he is an extraterrestrial over the basic primate. We may never know if such creatures were created on earth or in the heavens above, but some day we just might know with some deeper research and destined luck. What ever the truth is, you have to ask your self if God did not create these beings to be seen by the men of earth with awe.
I part with my favorite passages that possibly sheds light on this mystery and equals all perspective to the possibility that there are descendants of a special race, be it a primate, human or an alien. It is from deep within the Old Testament of the Bible:
Genesis 6:4 ‘There were Giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.’

We all came from the cave on up right? Evolved or seeded, it may be one in the same from both sides of the fence. Ape-man, Cave man, Space man. It’s just one BIG Grey area and truth is yet to be proven.
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Somethiing Hairy

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Location : Dixie, Washington (Walla Walla foothills)

PostSubject: Bigfoot 101   Fri May 01, 2009 6:02 pm

Bigfoot 101: Aliens vs.Bigfoot-One In The Same?
by BlueMountainTracker November 06, 2008

Think about this. There are so many technologies that are unexplained in the world that it is possible that two intelligent types of beings share the same planet earth, rarely coming into contact with each other.
For thousands of years many cultures have reported some type of SnowMan, Sasquatch, or as of this last century, Bigfoot.
Since no Bigfoot remains have been found (unless of course the Kennewick Man is a Bigfoot), it is hard not to suspect some type of strange ability to remain undetected in that the Bigfoots can hide their dead. Stories of mount Shasta and the caves supposedly leading to an inner world can often alleviate ones inner suspicions, but really, do you think it is possible that Sasquatch has been around as long as man, or better yet, living amongst us?
On numerous occasions, Bigfoot was seen right before, during, or after experiences involving a UFO and /or bright light or orb. I too have had many such experiences.
I have written about my experience where I saw a Bigfoot flying just east of the Walla Walla airport. Though this is not my only sighting of a Bigfoot in our area, (I saw him one other time and felt him twice before on top of hearing screams on a regular basis that I think are him), I am convinced he is not just a legend. I am sure that he/she roams these parts of the earth.
I have seen UFO’s on a few occasions, since, before and after my BF sightings which tends to twist my beliefs about the Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or what ever you want to call him. One of the biggest theories I have is that somehow the Bigfoots are right here under our noses, controlling us in a way that they are totally kept out of the loop as to who or what they really are. I often wonder if the giants mentioned in the bible and the stone faces carved on Easter Island have anything to do with Bigfoots. Could the stone faces depict these tall lanky creatures? Are the stones that are massively heavy, placed by giants?
Even today’s scientists can not for sure describe the technology to lift giant stones and precisely cut them to fit on cliffs in the jungle or in the pyramids of Egypt. It is very possible that such creatures could have been in existence back then as well as today.
For as long as time has been around, Bigfoots have been seen as well as UFO’s. It would only make sense that the Bigfoots possibly are aliens.
Many Bigfoot tracks simply start and end in the middle of no where. After seeing what appeared to be a Bigfoot on a floatation device and moving slowly across the sky, I wonder if they touch down at times and use large propelled thrusts of the legs to gain altitude again. This could explain the mystery prints
I do know for sure, that so many people have had correlating experiences with Bigfoots and UFO’s, that the odds are highly likely that the two phenomena’s are linked. The mainstream Bigfoot society does not want to listen to reports of such links. I know.
Again, it is the high likelihood that such beings live amounts us, possibly flying down from the mountaintops on cleverly designed craft. We may never really know. They could live in the ocean. They could be living on another planet and come here to visit colonies that they have been building. You just never really know.
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Somethiing Hairy

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PostSubject: Bigfoot 101   Fri May 01, 2009 6:04 pm

Bigfoot 101.
by BlueMountainTracker October 01, 2008

Dixie,Washington: I am writing this article as an open letter to all Sasquatch / Bigfoot / Yeti / Skunk Ape researchers in the United States. My name is David Nesteby and I am known online using various names depending on what site I am at. I have made efforts to share my Bigfoot research with the online world. I became a researcher after numerous experiences and sightings of BF; I have also been hearing screams that resemble the scream recordings online. I have retrieved photos in my early research days. These photos are of foot prints and I have heard screams in the presence of witnesses. I have also had UFO experiences near the times of sightings and/or the times of the screams. Witnesses at times of sightings can back me up. On one instance…the flying Bigfoot, I was alone.
Creating a hoax to reinvent keyword phrases that interrupt the flow of information on the net that leads in BF topic search may only be a suggested coincidence, but I think that there is more to the hoax than can be imagined. I too will fight back with key words and phrase that keep my research on top of the blotter well above the tactics of scabs that reinvent the use of the word Bigfoot. I am serious when I say that I am on top of it here in Dixie. I would think some one is afraid that I will be the first to conclude the existence of BF with good solid evidence, which by the way just happens to be my goal. Attacks on my character would be futile, as I was born breach cracking a smile. I stand by my word. I also speak when I am ready to speak. I do believe in the existence of BF and I will continue to research this prime BF location with an open mind and a loose tongue. Maybe I will be the one that solves the mystery.
‘Whistling Dixie’ was the constant mention here in my town, way before people up here had the brains to realize that they weren’t down south. Tom Kershaw was the man that ‘Whistled Dixie’ and thus our town was named Dixie. Fortunately I am lucky enough to live here where BF has been the talk since the 60’s.
Living in his stomping grounds was not just a lucky happenstance. I believe it was fate. No one here ever hoaxed a BF sighting, unless of course you call Paul Freeman of Walla Walla a liar and dismiss his BF video on YouTube. May God bless his soul and may he be resting in peace. He himself was and still is a legend in Walla Walla. His video has many believing that his sighting was real. Knowing how tall Paul was and having stood next to this fearless man on a few occasions, I am a believer that he was not a hoax. He simply was not afraid. I could be wrong because I did not know him as a good friend. He was an acquaintance that had a daughter who dated my wives brother at one point in time. I found him to be truthful on the few occasions that we met.
Paul may have been the one who introduced me to the first BF turd that I have ever seen, but all along it was fate that chose to include me in the Jury of researchers seeking positive proof. To each his own theory and research style. The search continues. Maybe a jackass like myself will be the lucky one. I hope I beat you all to the proof. My eyes are pointed to the sky. I saw Bigfoot fly. I stand by my word. Maybe some one will learn from what I have to say. 101.
My attempt to document my experiences and my research is for the world as a gift and to be noticed. I want to be taken seriously. I used to be skeptical of BF, but after having my own personal sightings and run ins with what I consider to be a BF scrutinized, I have come to conclude that certain propaganda is being aimed at my research here in Dixie, Washington. I am not speaking of Dixie, Georgia or Washington County. When I speak of Dixie, I mean in the State of Washington. Key phrases and words from my articles tend to have a connection to the worst hoax in history that just ended up being a rubber suit in a freezer. I wonder if the propaganda machine is trying to discredit me. Is there a link? It is possible. I will be Whistling Dixie tonight. Again I mention that I live in Washington State.
After receiving vile and rude introduction recently to the most popular BF forum on the net on my first and last day as a member, I came to assume that BF researchers are of all different kinds including idiots. Many want us to believe that they have the answers to everything. It is not true. No one has concluded proof yet. I growl loudly that I was accused of lying, when all along I have sworn to God that I speak the truth The recent Georgia BF hoax has done more damage to my research’s credibility than any one else on the net. I excuse myself from a community of BF believers with mouths as big as his or her…. Oh never mind.
I am not guiltless in flying the good old American flag from my big Jewish Nose. Who really cares, right? 101…it is not nice out here in the forums. Everyone has his or her own point of view. It can be heated and we all can be offended. I am only human. I am sorry if my work has offended anyone at any time. Live and learn.
Speaking on my own grounds and steady at my course, I will continue to research the BF in my area. The most jealous on the net are reeling with envy toward the BlueMountainTracker who happens to live in prime BF territory east of Walla Walla. I live to meet my neighborhood legend and to be the first to find conclusive proof that our friend is alive and well on planet earth. .
My suggestions of BF possibly being alien or connected to UFO’s has found rejection in the BF community that only makes me skeptical of top researchers when they scoff at my theories or claims. What have they proven that can define my research or experiences as a lie? Again: 101. There are no valid old school veterans that have proven BF exists beyond a doubt.
The field of research is open to all that have seen, heard or felt the presence of BF. Who is the top researcher that has the positive proof? No one can deny my claims are true. No one person can prove that they are false. We all are in the same boat.
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Somethiing Hairy

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PostSubject: Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update   Fri May 01, 2009 6:06 pm

Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update:The Wait For that Seasonal Bigfoot Sighting Is Painful.
by BlueMountainTracker September 12, 2008

Why is it that when we are prepared, we no longer get the same opportunity as we had when we were unprepared? Why does this especially ring true with Bigfoot hunters? I have recording equipment, casting supplies in hand, cameras, walking stick, raw nerves and many hours later still nothing? How can this be? Earlier in the year my son said that this would happen, because "He knows" and "He is avoiding you".
Like suggested in some of the Bigfoot related forums, he can sense us and possibly even has psychic ability that helps him to remain undetected. Whatever the reason, he is nowhere in this vicinity to be found yet. He is ditching me big time like he has been waiting to do this.
Living at the base of the Walla Walla Blue Mountains in the rolling foothills of wheat and surrounded by the smell of burning stubble, I am teased and anxious to get some footage, some casts or both this year of our elusive brother, Bigfoot. With such high stakes as reward for undeniable truth and proof of this forest legend and his existence, my goals of finding that indisputable truth seems foiled by lack of funds and precious unavailable time. I have a hard time making this a full time thing without some kind of tease or evidence that I am still on to the ninja like stalker that creeps in the woods just south of my home. The boring truth of the matter is that I am just to damned impatient.
In the last couple of years the number of UFO sightings and Bigfoot experiences in my circle of friends alone was enough to get your skin crawling and to keep your interest peaking. This year I have not seen or heard of any UFO sightings here in this small farm town that in just the last two recent years, had its share of UFO visits and Bigfoot howling screams.
Whether or not Bigfoot and UFO’s are connected, with such a lack of sightings so far this early season, I am wondering if he is really on to me and my star- watching ways, worried about me making a big connection as to who or what he is. Maybe Bigfoot reads the forums and keeps updated on the buzz around his neighbor hood. Maybe he is a full time Bigfoot hunter hunter. Maybe he is tracking me. What ever the situation is, I am growing very bored with nothing to report but this sickening fever running through my veins on a hot September afternoon. The Bigfoot legend eludes my prompt to catch a glimpse of his robust personality and to bank on my historic findings that can not be denied.
Until next week…
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Somethiing Hairy

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PostSubject: Interview with BigfootHunter   Fri May 01, 2009 6:08 pm

Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update 11/15/08: Interview with BigfootHunter-Creator of Bigfoot-Lives Website
by BlueMountainTracker November 15, 2008

Talking about my Bigfoot experiences at forums related to the subject have been very enlightening
The latest forum that I have joined is today’s topic and is pretty new. So far it has been very positive for my endeavors. I have received a warm welcome from the members and feel very comfortable in sharing links containing information about my research, experiences and thoughts on this subject of Bigfoot. This forum is run by Surinder Parkash and is called bigfoot-lives. I have had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Surinder known as BigfootHunter for this interview. He owns and manages this forum. I asked him a few questions and I want to share what I have found.
David: Hey BigfootHunter, what made you come up with the idea for this particular forum?
BigfootHunter: I currently run a Bigfoot web site
www.bigfoot-lives.com <http://www.bigfoot-lives.com/>, and I receive a lot of e-mails regarding questions on the subject of Bigfoot. A lot of questions I am unable to answer, so essentially I needed a central forum where questions could be asked and the general Bigfoot community would be able to answer. There are a lot of smart people out there in this field so if one person may not have an answer then another probably would. Also a colleague of mine has IT support forum www.tekrevolution.com <http://www.tekrevolution.com/> that has helped many people out, so I thought that I can do that.
David: If you would, tell us more about your self and the experiences that you have had with the Bigfoot in your area.
BigfootHunter: I live in Birmingham, Central England so not surprisingly there hasn’t been any Bigfoot sightings nearby. However, I was 10 years old when I watched a film ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’, about a manlike beast terrorizing the residents of Fouke, Arkansas. From that day onwards I was well and truly hooked. I quickly devoured most of the books on the subject and in 1999 I traveled to Willow Creek, Northern California and Spoke to many people who had seen Footprints or Seen/Heard the creature. I even spoke to Al Hodgson. Al was a friend Roger Patterson and was one of the first people that Patterson had spoken to when he returned from Bluff Creek in 1967 with the now famous film footage of a female Bigfoot.
David: Who is welcome to join your forum?
BigfootHunter: My forum is essentially open to anyone, whatever there beliefs are. Researchers really do not know much about these creatures, so who is to say that one theory explaining the origins of Bigfoot has more validity over another. Let’s discuss all viewpoints in a friendly manner
David: What do you see in the future of your forum? What are your expectations and where do you plan to go with the forum from here?
BigfootHunter: Basically, I want the forum to be a place where people from around the world can just chill out and discuss anything they want, be it Bigfoot related or not. The larger Bigfoot forums have a biased reaction towards a particular belief and individuals who do not share those beliefs are often ridiculed. This is not what I want to see on my Forum. A famous French Philosopher once said " I may not agree with you but I will fight to defend your right to say it". That is the forum philosophy.
David: Is your forum user friendly? What precautions do you take to make the user feel welcome?
BigfootHunter: I believe the friendly nature of the forum is the key to its success. I have no problem in seeing good old fashioned debates regarding differing theories, but where I draw the line are personal insults and belittling someone on the grounds of their Religion, Bigfoot beliefs or anything else. Those individuals will be expelled. The Internet and Forums in general are a wash with abuse and insults. I want this forum to be a beacon of respectable, intelligent debate, where every belief has equal validity.
David: What would you like to say to the Bigfoot community in attracting new members who may have seen heard or experienced a Bigfoot?
BigfootHunter: First of all, it is important to note that it is extremely brave for these individuals to come out and speak of their Bigfoot experiences. They are often subjected to ridicule. However, on this forum we have members who have had experiences themselves, so these people do not need to feel shy about sharing there experiences, particularly in this forum.
Indeed, there is a section devoted to people explaining the Bigfoot encounter they had, no matter how trivial
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Somethiing Hairy

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PostSubject: BMBU   Fri May 01, 2009 6:10 pm

Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update 11-06-08: Sightings and Map Update
by BlueMountainTracker November 07, 2008

A legend definitely lives amongst us here in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. The deeper I dig into the sightings in my area, the more I am starting to feel that they (Bigfoot) come here each year for a reason, if not reside here year round
After seeing this thing twice, hearing it several times, and finding two footprints in two locations relatively close to each other, I have come to the conclusion that this area has something that draws the Bigfoot here. Reports of the Walla Walla / Dixie /Black Snake / Mill Creek Bigfoot can be dated from the 1920’s to date.
Paul Freeman was a forest worker that reported this thing and eventually lost his job and moved because of the flack he got from the Bigfoot researchers. It is presumed by many that he hoaxed some, if not all of his tracks and sightings. I simply refuse to believe this after spending nearly three years researching all of the reports from this exact area that Paul saw Bigfoot.
Wes Summerlin was also a Bigfoot hunter that found many tracks and had many run-ins with Bigfoot. On occasion, the two men had experiences at the same time while searching together.
Others have seen and reported Bigfoot in this mountain range besides these two. Since 1992, many reports of sightings and tracks have been pouring in. I also believe that many proofs of the Bigfoot in our area go unreported because of the mainstream Bigfoot field researchers. It seems that there are a large number of researchers that insist reports from this area are false and exaggerated if not just down right hoaxed. People are afraid to share their experiences with them. My goal is to disprove the researchers that control the forums and the mainstream media. It seems that the forums mostly only want information, to quiet down the people reporting them, and to cover Bigfoots trail. The media wants to pick and choose its Bigfoot celebrities as well. Many in this field of research start squeaking ‘Nut’ when someone reports that this Bigfoot of the Blues is possibly alien. I know that they fear that someday, proof comes from these foothills. Thinking it may be an alien is just one of my theories. Who really knows?
I am the one who saw this thing fly. I also saw this thing take huge steps and cover a steep span in seconds. The time I saw this thing walking, I had witnesses with me that will swear to this day that it was Bigfoot.
A couple years back when I saw this thing flying on a device that looked to me to be three hippity -hops tethered together, I decided to track the beast that I saw with a passion. I am addicted to finding proof of the creature’s existence.
On occasions I have heard some pretty eerie screams that resemble screams recorded at the Bigfoot Screams site. I am positive that this creature that I heard was not of this earth. I have seen UFO’s dating back to 1999, when a crop circle appeared on the front page of the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. It so happens that the crop circle was near the areas of repeated Bigfoot sightings very close to the Oregon Border. I have seen UFO’s at or near times of the screams as well. Also others here have seen the UFO’s and heard the screams. This year has been a different story though. He is avoiding this location.
As promised, I have found a few more reports from the area that I will document and add to the map. Please take the time to read the reports from the links that I supply. Your comments and thoughts would also be appreciated.
At night when I go to bed, I often find myself listening close to the sounds here in our neck of the world. This year, I have not been so lucky. I feel abandoned by the Bigfoot that has so wholeheartedly grabbed my attention a few years ago. Regardless, I am documenting the sightings and taking notes of his presence. I have a strong feeling that there is possibly a Bigfoot burial ground in the area. I am also pretty convinced that the Bigfoot may be alien due to the UFO phenomena associated with this area.
Some of the stories from the early 1920’s suggest that these were men with gray faces and skins. It is very possible that they are merely aliens living deep in the woods that know how to survive like humans. It is hard to guess at all the reports, but I have seen one close enough to think it was possibly an alien in a suit made of skins. I am still going over that experience in my head every day. It was flying for cripes sake.
After spending this last week looking into UFO sightings where a Bigfoot was also seen, I find the coincidence to be more than just random chance; I am finding a pattern. I also notice that Bigfoots have been spotted near airforce bases or airports, just like our UFO’s have been.
What ever the Bigfoot is, It is starting to look like a definite Bigfoot range on my map. Maybe someday the Government will come clean with what they know about these things. It is possible that they know exactly what they are.
Here are the latest reports that I have found to add to my list.
I will update the map as well in a few days.
BFRO report #1065…Brothers see Bigfoot near Mill Creek (Tiger Canyon) from BFRO site
BFRO article on Vance Orchard -Mentions 1966 sighting at Mill Creek-from BFRO site
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PostSubject: BMBU   Fri May 01, 2009 6:12 pm

Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update 10/28/08- A Map of Sightings Near Walla Walla
by BlueMountainTracker October 28, 2008

I have been working on this map. It is crude but may help researchers in determining the frequency of Bigfoot sightings in the Walla Walla County. My son will be helping me do an artistic professional version of this map soon. My neighborhood is ripe with a history of Bigfoot sightings. The code key on the map is as depicted, the sightings are listed as follows:
#1-This is the location of my BF sighting where I saw him on a flying device:
#2-The location in Dixie where we saw him by the water tower. Prints and links can be found by reading the whole thread above.
#3- One of the oldest documented sightings in the area near Coppei Creek detailed by Vance Orchard:
#4-Recent 2003 Father and Son sighting:
#5-Girls sees Bigfoot near Black Snake road:
#6-BFRO field investigator finds tracks in snow near Black Snake Ridge:
#7- This cluster shows Paul Freeman sites. Here is a great article on Paul and what he had to say. He died a few years ago:
#8- Tracks found at Rooks Park:
There are many more sightings in this area. I will update this map and add to it as I find reports and research the history here. I hope this helps researchers of all types. Though some are skeptic and some believe, I believe that every sighting should be mapped and migratory or seasonal trails recorded. No report should be dismissed. Hoaxes all well, should be documented and mapped to help understand the mindset of individuals that do this and the links to areas of frequency.
I always suggest that people write down what they saw and document it somewhere on the net. I hope to hear from anyone that has seen a Bigfoot anywhere in the world. Emails with the message Title ‘BF’ will be responded to:
davidnesteby@hotmail.com <mailto:davidnesteby@hotmail.com>
I have always reported what I have seen or heard with absolutely no intent to fraud. Again, I swear to God that I am truthful and intend only to find, gather, and document anything that leads to the proof of this creature’s existence. I am the Blue Mountain Tracker, one of the few left in our area to continue on such research. Have a great day!
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Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update: The Trail
by BlueMountainTracker October 26, 2008

After hiking up some wheat fields that were recently burned west of Dixie last week, Oct 13th, I came to realize why I haven't seen our furry man-like friend or any proof of his travels here lately. It is because the farmers are practicing new field measures in the area. Usually about this time and the last couple of weeks, farmers would be field burning in heavy dose, making life a miserable hardship on all of us. I had noticed though, that they had not been burning as much. The Burn Control Officer has informed me that farmers will not be burning all of the fields at once this year because they work on a metered burn permit. This means that they are only allowed burning in certain areas and in certain amounts on certain dates. This is supposed to improve the air quality.
So now it is possible that our Bigfoot Friend has to adapt to this pattern of restrictions, You do realize that there are still numbers of farmers in the fields plowing some of the crops under right? Usually all of the tractors are finishing up about now and the fields would be barren. This is what I have come to consider as a possibility.
I may have mentioned that there was a recent sighting here, but so far it is only unproven rumor being tossed at me as a tease. I hate it when some one brings it up, then says, "But I can not say who, she is afraid of people saying that she is crazy". Why bring it up then, right?
I do have a lead on an area of some recently sighted tracks that may help in solving the puzzle I am working on. I hope to make a map of BF trails in the area linked to sightings. I hope to get together with this guy soon to research the area on Lewis Peak, as this will be a good connector to Black Snake and show my theory somewhat better. BF knows how to remain unseen. I do believe that there are certain road conditions and landscape that BF considers when crossing roadways and waterways. Thinking like BF is something that you find you will practice when you get into researching this phenomenal creature that may or may not exist. I believe he does believe in what I have seen. This I find is what alienates the believer from the non-believer. Proof within your own eyes. All the same, I hate being doubted, so until I can prove his existence, I will continue to investigate this mystery being.
Sitting on top of the wheat fields in the beautiful open sky last week, I did find a peace of mind with Nate Shelley and my daughter Destiny. This is when I realized that farm vehicles were still present. I was sort of shocked. We did not find any conclusive proof of any tracks, but there are some marks in the fields in this area that we were sitting that look as if they were good prints last year. I am pretty certain I have found a major trail that BF travel, which I indicate in the photos.
I also took some photos of that tower on top of Old Smokey. This is the tower near the area where we hear the BF screams. Though I haven't heard conclusive proof of his scream this year, I feel something. I feel his presence. I thought I heard something a couple weeks back, but it was very distant. The field practices may have altered his trail for the time being, I don't know.
While sitting down for a rest, I watched a dirt devil touch down as if some invisible being walked past us. This was a freakish thought as I watched it kick up dirt every ten feet or so. I had some wicked thoughts roam through my head for a moment there.
Nate Shelley in all of his skepticism, still does not doubt that BF exists, since he is the one who found the tracks with me last year, one which was on his mothers property under the water tower. When I saw what appeared to be a BF a couple years back, It was walking up the ridge above that water tower above his mom’s property. I asked him yesterday why he even hangs with me and puts his face out there, and he simply said he loves the adventure. I could not disagree more.
I am grateful to have my daughter Destiny doing research with me. She is going to be 16 next month, and she is pretty smart about investigating stuff. We had an experience last year where we were in the heated moment of actually trying to get close to the screams and got within a few feet (we thought and felt) of this creature. She is convinced that something roams the area, as she is my best witness to the screams. Maybe someday we will break the big story and have the MILLION-DOLLAR proof. I will admit, that if we could make a living doing this, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. The race for proof is worth a lot of cash. Money makes my day better.
They journey last week ended when we took a ride up Biscuit Ridge a ways and spotted 22 turkeys.
I am really starting to enjoy this field of work. Writing these updates exclusively for Ground Report gives me a sense of achievement and at least I am making some of those expenses back. I get to spend a lot of time outdoors and I get some good workouts.
I appreciate all of the viewers and the time that they have taken to read my stuff. I wish more of you would comment on my articles.
Enjoy the photos and I will keep you updated next week or sooner. Until the next update… Peace!
Update: Photos and Video would not upload for this report. SORRY
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Blue Mountain Bigfoot Update Archive
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