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 BlueMountainTrackers Blue Mountain Bigfoot Updates

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Somethiing Hairy


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PostSubject: BlueMountainTrackers Blue Mountain Bigfoot Updates   Fri May 01, 2009 6:17 pm

It has bothered me that there have been no sightings of Bigfoot in our area this last year of 2008. I have pondered reasons that Bigfoot abandoned his/her stomping grounds. All of last year I spent time looking for tracks, listening for the screams I grew accustomed to and researching the net for sightings in my area and in the Pacific Northwest . Other than the few sightings in California and Oregon (in fire season and near fires), there were no real big sightings of tracks or Bigfoot at all except for British Columbia in the summer. I pondered the idea that Bigfoot might be a she and was pregnant. Maybe she could not travel. I had alot of ideas that passed through my mind.
All of a sudden there have been a rash of sightings in British Columbia, Canada. One particular sighting of tracks consists of 14 inch tracks and some 5 inch babyfoot tracks in snow.

Other sightings and experiences in BC are as included in the links to these stories.
Many people know that I believe that UFO sightings and Bigfoot sighting go hand in hand. BC has had a rash of sightings this month.
You might not believe that Bigfoot exists. In fancy , you might be such a skeptic that anything you read about Bigfoot and UFOs is bunk. According to research, the determination of investigators around the globe, and the eye witness accounts around the whole earth, something is going on that seem extraterrestrial in nature.
Updated reports are that hair samples from Moriecetown were moose hair. I have always thought that maybe Bigfoot is using animal hides for clothing and that he /she may be an alien. The fact that UFO's show up around the times of such encounters continues to become a documented fact. Maybe someday, if we open our minds to the possibilities, we will come to understand who our mysterious visitors really are.Maybe they are long lost relatives!
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BlueMountainTrackers Blue Mountain Bigfoot Updates
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