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 The Spine-Chilling Account Of The Chase Vault

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Markus Rexon


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PostSubject: The Spine-Chilling Account Of The Chase Vault   Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:10 pm

Has anybody else heard of that story? I read about it in a book once. Here's a quote from Wikipedia about it:

The Wikipedia Reserch Team wrote:
The first published version of the story appeared in 1833 in James Edward Alexander's Transatlantic Sketches. According to Alexander, a Mrs. Goddard was buried in the vault in 1807, followed in 1808 by Ann Maria Chase, and in 1812 by Dorcas Chase. When the vault was opened in late 1812 for the burial of Thomas Chase, the caskets of the Chase girls were said to be found "in a confused state, having been apparently tossed from their places." Alexander wrote that when the vault was later opened "to receive the body of another infant, the four coffins, all of lead, all very heavy, were much disturbed" and that similar disturbances were found when opening the vault for burials in 1816 and 1819.

Each time that the vault was opened the coffins were replaced in their proper situations, that is, three on the ground side by side, and the others laid on them. The vault was then regularly closed; the door (a massive stone which required six or seven men to move) was cemented by masons; and though the floor was of sand there were no marks of footsteps or water. The last time the vault was opened was in 1819. Lord Combermere was then present, and the coffins were found confusedly thrown about the vault, some with their heads down and others up. What could have occasioned this phenomenon? In no other vault in the island has this ever occurred. Was it an earthquake which occasioned it, or the effects of an inundation in the vault?
To make it clear, in the 18 Hundreds, on the island of Barbados, several people who had died were put into coffins and placed into a vault. They opened it once to put other people in, but when they opened it, they found all of the coffins strewn about, as if they had been thrown. In the future, as they put more people in coffins into the vault, the coffins that were already were put out of there resting positions and appeared to be thrown around the vault. Nobody was ever able to explain how the coffins were thrown around the vault; the front and only door to the vault was sealed with stone and the seal was never broken except when they put more coffins in. And the coffins were too heavy for any one person to move, let alone fling them about. There was on account were a women was going on her horse pass the vault were the coffins were kept when she heard a noise from inside what sounded like a spine-chilling moan. Then, there was a crash that sounded from within the vault. The noises made her horse go crazy, and she was knocked off her horse as it flung its body around wildly, and several other horses nearby went crazy too, brock through the ropes holding them, and ran into the sea and were drowned there. There are actually government documents that say that the story about the horses and the noises inside the vault checked out. Since then, nobody has ever been able to explain what happened in the vault. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, renown author of the Sherlock Holmes , said that the only logical explanation was that something very supernatural was going on inside the vault, perhaps a spiritual battle between the souls of those in the coffins. Either way, it remains a mystery to this day. What do you guys think?
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The Spine-Chilling Account Of The Chase Vault
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